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Build Great AI

Ample Insight helps you build AI responsibly and faster by making it easy for your team to understand your data, associated data issues and AI Readiness Score.

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Atlas Integrates With:

Data lakes

Data warehouses

Private servers


Google Drive

Atlas: Build Great AI

Data scientists spend between 40-60% of their time on data wrangling and cleaning 1, 2 and less than 20% of their time selecting and tuning AI models 1.  Yet, most data scientists find data cleaning the least enjoyable part of their job.

Imagine being able to DOUBLE the productivity and value of your data scientists.

1. 2022 State of Data Science. Anaconda.
2. Cleaning Big Data: Most Time-Consuming, Least Enjoyable Data Science Task. Forbes.

Take Control of Your Data Wellbeing

AI Readiness Score TM

Validate your data for accuracy, cleanliness, completeness and more to help identify potential issues and blockers for AI training.

PII Sensitivity Score TM

Locate and automatically classify the PII (Personal Identifiable Information) in your data stores. Assess the collective sensitivity of the PII data within your organization.

Data Complexity Score TM

Understand how your data stacks up in terms of data complexity to better plan for talent and other resources working with your data.

Data Health Score TM

Pinpoint exact data issues and identify their impact. Actionable recommendations and instructions to address issues at your fingertips.

Accelerate Your Data Wrangling And Cleaning With Atlas.

Visualize your entire data ecosystem in minutes.

Automatically identify links and relationships between wide ranging datasets to assess data consistency issues between your different systems.

Make data, system and organizational consolidation and migration a breeze with a complete ontology of all your data.

Atlas Data Ontology Map
Atlas Data Quality Result 1

Screen for your most critical data including PII out-of-the-box.

Atlas can automatically recognize 60+ different types of PII (Personal Identifiable Information) including medical data.

We eliminate the work of having to manually set column types so your data science team can focus on higher value tasks like scaling your AI operations.

Atlas Data Catalogue
Atlas Data Quality Result 2

Uncover data issues instantly with no data wrangling necessary.

Identify 50+ different data integrity issues instantly without having to set manual rules.

Atlas assesses the validity and accuracy of your data within the context of its data type.

Atlas Data Quality Results
Accelerate your goals in
Artificial Intelligence
Data Impact
Data Governance
Data Compliance
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