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Automating Manufacturing Plans and Insights for ERP

Client Leads the Way in AI and Automation for Manufacturing Planning

Ample Insight Helps Eliminate Inefficiencies in Manufacturing Plans with AI

The Client

The client is a Silicon Valley based company building a SaaS Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that allows manufacturers and retailers to easily automate existing workflows and resource planning without having to code. The ERP system natively supports sharing, visualization and manipulation of large data sets and advanced analytics without the need for SQL or code.

The Challenge

The client came to us to help them build a solution for manufacturers to auto-generate full manufacturing plans and schedules from sales orders. The solutions had the following requirements:

  • Sales orders would come from global and local apparel brands. The order formats are non-standardized.
  • Manufacturing schedules created from sales orders need to facilitate resource and dependency planning for multiple factories and production lines at once.
  • Material ordering and inventory control need to be automated and optimized for costs.
  • Management approval chains and processes need to be incorporated into the workflow and be configurable.
  • Detailed schedules, Gantt charts, approval documents, and material and process dependency graphs along with other relevant documents need to be auto-generated.

The Solution

Ample Insight worked with the client to create the technical roadmap, and delivered the implementation on schedule and on budget. Weekly checkins and updates were provided to the client to ensure the consistent alignment on priorities and direction. As part of this project, we delivered:

  • A fully stateless Python backend application with 20+ software modules
  • Deployed using Kubernetes and AWS EKS
  • Employed Circle CI for CD/CI
  • Fully automated testing suite using auto-generated test fixtures

Select technologies we’ve used on this project include:

The Value

As part of the partnership, we've also trained the client's engineering and product teams on more sustainable and streamlined:

  • Devops best practices including code release workflows and CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous deployment)
  • Development and code review best practices
  • Data best practices

Following the delivery of the above solution, we’ve grown our partnership to include end-to-end fullstack engineering and data science services for the client to help them further accelerate their business growth.

Client Testimonial

Ample Insight is definitely a rare find. They are a deeply technical team with very strong product experience. Garry and his team were able to scope out a very complex problem in a very detailed and organized manner even without prior domain exposure. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs help with planning and engineering new products and features.

CEO & Co-founder, Leading Low Code/No Code SaaS Platform (Backed by Sequoia, GGV and other top VCs)