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We work with startups to Fortune 500 companies. Our clients span the globe and across diverse industries.

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High Tech and Software

Unlock emerging technologies in AI and analytics to accelerate innovation and growth.

We work with both startups and established tech companies across different industries to help them design and scale their data operations and infrastructure. We also help companies prototype, modernize, productize, and scale their AI and analytics solutions.

See how we've helped a fast growing startup backed by Sequoia and GGV built and scaled their intelligent and data intensive ERP software for manufacturing and retail.


Med Tech and Healthcare

Clinical trial and patient data can be messy and difficult to standardize and incorporate into meaningful insights and AI solutions.

Surfacing the right insights in a clear way to patients and clinicians saves lives but often times, you are faced with non-structured and messy data from a possible combination of EMRs, clinical studies and third parties.

We help healthcare, med-tech and fem-tech companies scale their data infrastructure and design patient and clinician AI and analytics solutions that are user friendly. As part of our service, we help our clients make sense of and standardize their data through our proprietary data solutions.


Consumer Packaged Goods

Build a 360-degree understanding of your customers and product growth channels.

We help leading CPG companies better understand and forecast user behaviors and trends to capitalize on growth and expansion opportunities.

We build actionable and novel insights through the standardization and consolidation of our clients' social, advertising, demand, and sales data. We uncover growth opportunities relating to product positioning, new customer segments, new geo expansion, and new product development.


Logistics and Transportation

Consolidate and standardize messy IoT sensor and location data at scale for your production systems.

Being able to track your assets in realtime is important but finicky location and IoT sensor data makes it difficult to standardize and make sense of the data. Without trustworthy data, resource management and forecasting becomes a nightmare.

We work with logistics and transportation companies to organize, clean and consolidate their asset data so that they will always know the status and location of the assets that power the growth of their business.

HR and People

The key assets of any business are the people. Scale your business with the right people analytics.

We’ve helped companies use AI to identify and recruit the most fitting talent - reducing the time to placement from weeks to days. We've also implemented solutions for salary estimation, likelihood of changing jobs, and other talent management tools.

We have deep domain expertise in the human resource sector: from building AI which outperformed renowned recruiters in a global sourcing competition to building NLP engines that automatically score answers to open-ended questions.


The market evolves quickly. Make informed business decisions based on realtime analytics.

E-commerce has a highly competitive landscape. Protect your margins and stay ahead of your competitors by leveraging realtime analytics on your current and prospective customers. By consolidating sales, marketing and logistics data, we are able to help e-commerce companies build actionable and scalable insights to help them expand more quickly than their competitors.

We also help fast growing e-commerce companies build and scale forecasting, product recommendation engines, and other tailored AI solutions.