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Boosting Swanwick Sleep's Traffic Adjusted Revenue by 80%

Using Data Engineering to Scale an Ecommerce Business

Ample Boosts Swanwick Sleep’s Average Order Value +20%

The Client

Swanwick Sleep is an Australian based e-commerce company selling sleep aid products. The company wholesales and markets directly to consumers a large variety of blue-light blocking glasses, sleep masks and other sleep products.

The Problem

Swanwick’s operations experienced rapid growth and management needed immediate assistance with improving data collection and reporting processes. In light of the company’s impressive growth, the resulting data volumes overwhelmed management. Swanwick collected data from a variety of analytics platforms including Google Analytics, Facebook, Google Ads, Shopify, Amazon, VWO, Grow and others.

Swanwick strongly felt that their existing data management processes prohibited the company’s ability to sustain growth and would prevent them from scaling operations further. Swanwick needed a consolidated view of their entire operations to make precise and rapid strategic decisions.

The Solution

An initial assessment by Ample Insight found that as Swanwick grew, their sales and analytics tools created data and logging conflicts. This prohibited the company from developing a coherent view of operations which severely hindered strategic and tactical decisions.

First, Ample consolidated all of Swanwick’s data sources from sales, social, and ads channels. Ample then performed a deep analysis of Swanwick’s target customer profiles. Based on these findings, Swanwick rebranded its entire E-Commerce website and positioned its products to fit their ideal target customer.

The value

  • Ample Insight increased the client’s average order value +20%

  • Swanwick Sleep increased traffic adjusted revenue +80%

  • Client reported that we over-delivered on expertise

  • Client referred to our services as world-class quality

  • Client designates Ample Insight as their preferred data-science partner

  • Swanwick highly recommends Ample Insight

  • Client has a 360-degree view of their entire business operations

Client Testimonial

Ample was a tremendous find for our company. They really over-delivered on expertise and everything we asked of them was brought to us on time and of a world-class quality. We've been very fortunate to work with them and they are highly recommended.

Danny Zoucha, COO at Swanwick Sleep