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Scaling Medical Data Infrastructure for FluidAI

FluidAI Reaches New Heights with Timely and Accurate Biosensor Data

Ample Insight Helps FluidAI Implement Scalable Data Infrastructure to Drive New Medical Insights and Innovations

The Challenge

FluidAI’s IoT biosensors are attached to postoperative patients to measure a wide range of biochemistries to help predict anastomotic leaks. To organize, make sense of, and prepare the complex and voluminous biosensor data for machine learning required deep experience in:

  • Data engineering to help consolidate, transform and scale the required data
  • Machine learning to help guide and prepare the required data for training the ML engines
  • Data analytics to help identify the core metrics and visualizations that should be shown to internal medical specialists and data scientists

FluidAI chose to partner with Ample Insight to help build the set of data technologies, workflows and best practices for the above challenges and for supporting their growing data organization.

The Solution

Ample Insight worked closely with FluidAI to first audit all of the biosensor data to ensure data consistency and accuracy. After mapping and understanding the raw data along with potential edge cases and possible anomalies, Ample Insight created workflows and pipelines to standardize and consolidate the raw data.

Next, Ample Insight worked with FluidAI’s internal medical experts to build analytics and data visualizations for supporting the discovery of patient health issues relating to anastomotic leaks. 

Working with Ample Insight, FluidAI was able to build a robust and scalable data infrastructure and workflows for their growing data and AI needs.

The Value

Upon completion of the project, FluidAI obtained:

  • A trusted and scalable data infrastructure that standardizes and consolidates their raw medical data.
  • Data pipelines, analytics and visualizations that help the FluidAI team discover patient health issues relating to anastomotic leaks, and prepare the data for their machine learning engines.
  • A set of integrated data science workflows and best practices that will continue to grow with the FluidAI team.

Client Testimonial

Garry and Ample Insight rapidly launched our project and got onboarded faster than any previous engagement I've had in the past. It was remarkable. With that, we were able to accelerate our development and path to market by adding resources to our most critical path, and better understand our long-term talent needs. The team automated data reporting and found more effective methods of processing to improve data integrity.

Abdallah El-Falou, CTO & Co-founder, FluidAI